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New Payment Arrangements
from 16 February 2010

E-mail delivery of Choral Music scores
Dear Handlo Visitor,

If you have visited our website before, you will notice that we have changed our order processing system although the catalogue pages are, at present, unchanged.

The Handlo website was designed more than fifteen years ago and our card charging methods no longer meet modern requirements. This meant that an increasing number of orders were delivered where we could not charge the customer.

We have therefore adopted Google Checkout for processing and charging orders. This has many benefits for you and for us.

You can buy through Google Checkout knowing that the card-processing system is safe and secure. Only the last four digits of your card number are passed to Handlo.

We can be sure that you have provided a working email address for us to deliver orders, and that payment has been authorised by your card issuer.

It continues to be Handlo policy not to complete the charge before emailing the scores.
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