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What customers say

Since we started in 1997, we've received testimonials from choral customers in over 50 countries. We're greatly encouraged by these and, in a sort of self-congratulatory glow as we begin our fourth year of operations, we thought we might show some of these. Since we haven't asked for specific permission, all the quotes will have to remain anonymous but, needless to say, a real individual lies behind all of them. (And some of you will recognise your own words!) As a matter of interest, about 20 per cent of all customers write something complimentary, and quite voluntarily, and we think this has got to be some sort of record!

We've had a slightly sceptical comment from one of our readers that the following are highly selective in that we've included no critical quotes. We do, of course, receive feedback about notational errors (very occasionally -- and we're most grateful to hear of these), but we've actually received no out-and-out negative comments. We've also received a number of constructive criticisms pointing out improvements we might make to the site layout. All these have been noted and we will be incorporating many of these when time and, more importantly, resources give us opportunity to re-design the site in a radical way. Meanwhile, our priorities are to extend our Current List and try to satisfy additional requests.

Keith Hudson, General Editor

"Excellent so far!"

"You may be interested to know that we had an inaugural session of our madrigal group on September 26 and it was very successful. Essentially it was a reading: we whipped through about ten of your scores, none more than three times over, and enjoyed ourselves immensely. About twenty people turned out for it, with all SATB parts well covered, thank God. A number of people commented on how clear and well edited the Handlo scores were. We will undoubtedly be ordering more from you before long."

"Very good selection!"

"Great! Great!! Thank you again for such great music, music that we have difficulty finding over here." "Terrific effort in making so many scores available so easily. Since they say 'Specimen' and cannot be printed, I wish you would show whole score, or at least several key pages. Sound or midi files would be helpful, too." "Thanks for your kind e-mail in response to my previous order. My father runs the band in question and he was so stunned at the Web's ability to find such an obscure piece of music almost immediately that he had to sit in a quiet place for several minutes. Thanks for a great service." "Your Web site is of real interest for choirs all around the world, especially ours. Keep on going!"

"This is an outstanding idea! If you had stock, I would buy it".

"I'm really pleased with the editions that I have ordered from you. The engravings are clear, easy to read, and responsibly done. I'll look forward to seeing what new editions you'll be adding. Keep up the good work!"

"Wow! Are you ever fast. Thank you!"

"Love your site....A life-saver to my choir!!!!" "Keep up the good work!"

"Good service -- I ordered a piece of music yesterday and received immediate delivery so I will continue to use this source for our special needs."

"Thanks for the wonderful website."

"The site is excellent."

"This is my first order - but the site looks great, and of great potential for use by my choir."

"Thanks for the copy of my text for 'Choirs of the World'. I sent the last message off before remembering to thank you for Handlo. Last year we bought copies of the Fauré Requiem and a couple of motets. The quality of the copies as well as the economic argument makes your web site a must! Friends in Ireland are also now aware of you. Keep up the good work!"

"I'm excited about your new service! Thanks!"

"I heard about Handlo from one of the basses in the choir and used it for my other choirs. I think that Handlo will spread fast among conductors and that you will have a great deal of customers coming."

"Great Service. Thank you."

"I find your site of extreme interest and anticipate ordering addtional music in the future."

"What a wonderful way to secure sheet music! I will pass your site onto all of my colleagues."

"You are engaged in what I believe is the future of music publication."

"A wonderful resource!"

"Everything has been fabulous and everbody has loved the pieces that I have downloaded so far."

"Wow, you folks are FAST!! I just popped out to pick my daughter from school, and the music is already in my inbox."

"What a great way to get music! The music looks beautiful, by the way. I will for sure be back for more. Thanks."

"What a wonderful site!"

"Great site, you should be commended for your work."

"I've been looking for a site like this for some time."

"What a great service you have! The Bruckner scores are great -- my choir found them very easy to read. You'll hear from us again."

"Fabulous concept. Thanks!"

"I enjoy getting your updates -- even though I, as an organist, seldom need choral music. Handlo provides a wonderful service. In addition, your pronunciation guides are very useful. Good work!"

"Great service!"

"What a brilliant service. I look forward to exploring further. Thank you."

"First I must thank you for the fine scores so promptly received on my very first order with you this week. You have quickly shown yourself to be a trusted source of great music at extremely decent prices."

"Thanks Handlo, I knew you'd come up trumps. The others can't quite believe the brilliance of this system."

"I am really impressed!"

"What a great idea!"

"Impressive and reasonable. Thanks!"


"Hope all is going well. The catalogue grows apace! I think the downloadable pdf catalogue a good innovation."

"I'm very excited about your website."

"This site is a very good idea. I look forward to seeing what other music you will be adding to it."

"Hi! You continue to add some excellent music to this site! Thanks again."

"An excellent service."

"Hi! You have such a wonderful selection. I'm so grateful for being put in touch with you. My music group is just getting underway. I hope they like my choices."

"Many thanks, great service."

"Thanks for the prompt sending of the Parry works. This is a great service! I will look forward to more dealings with Handlo."


"Hi! Thanks again for the music. Our music director said: 'This is a beautiful edition!' Great work!"

"Fantastic site. Keep going please."

"Not even two months ago I forwarded a 'wish-list' including Josquin's 'In principio'; was its appearance a result of that, or was it already in the works?"

"Great site!"

"What a wonderful site!! Very useful and informative."

"Excellent idea, and reasonable prices."

"Yours appears to be an excellent service. We shall order again!"

"Thank you so much for the wonderful service you are providing to the music profession. The editions are terrific!"

"I was STUNNED to learn of your new edition of Spem In Alium! This is truly extraordinary! Would that I had the forces at my disposal to perform it. I may yet purchase the set for my own collection. Congratulations!"

"Thank you again for your wonderful service. There is so much marvellous music which is unavailable, because it's out of print, and/or it's never been printed in a usable edition. Thank you again for making my week VERY exciting!"

"SUPERCALLIFRAGILISTICESPIALLIDOCIOUS!! -- 'Spem in alium' in affordable and user-friendly format. Will be ordering it as soon as budget allows. Specimen pages of choruses look great. Many many thanks."

"This is a very valuable resource and I am thrilled to have found you!"

"My choir always enjoys singing Handlo music!"

"Great site and a wonderful idea! I wish there was more Russian music on the site."

"This is WONDERFUL! I'll be back!"

"This is our first visit. So far I am very impressed. I know that our choir will use this site more and more in the future."

"Hi! You continue to make some excellent additions to the available repertory. Keep up the good work!"

"Great! Keep up this marvelous work!"

"What a wonderful resource. I've been searching for this item for years. I will be back!"

"It is a pleasure doing business with you!"

"Excellent source!!"

"I am delighted to have found this site. Congratulations for providing this service. I probably will be seeing more again!"

"Congratulations on an excellent site."

"Love the site!"

"You guys have the most extensive collection of choral music I have seen on the net, at great prices. We're looking forward to doing much business with you. Keep up the good work."

"A good source for uncommon music"

"You are the secret behind the success of my music programme! We are a medium-sized parish church with a disproportionately large choir . . . Average attendance at the principal service on Sundays is 200, with 50 in the choir. You allow me to provide great music at a minimal cost. Thank you!"

"Thank you!! I am delighted to have found your website. I have been looking for this music for a long time and am thrilled to find it at such a reasonable price. Excellent service, too!"

"Wonderful idea! Delighted to find you!"

"Bravo pour ce que vous faites. Continuez!"

"A real find, especially for this part of the world."(from Lebanon)

"I have previously purchased for another choir. The existence of your company is very much appreciated."

"Thanks so much for the service."

"Just wanted to let you know I think your web site is great! It's so handy when you need good music in a pinch. And you have a fabulous selection. I've had a difficult time finding the kind of music I want on the web, but your site has a ton of good stuff. Thanks for sending your new titles. Please keep me on your list."

"This is a great way to buy music!"

"Thank you for providing a valuable choral resource!"

"Just so you know . . . I LOVE this site of yours!"

"A very helpful and useful site, which I will be encouraging more people to use."

"You are performing an excellent service."

"Great selection of music."

"Excellent as ever!"

"Your music service has been a boon to our small church. We are a mission church and have limited resources. Our choir is small but determined and willing to learn new and unfamiliar music. Thank you for your efforts."

"Your selection is amazing! What a wonderful resource to find!"


"Thanks for a wonderful website"

"You run a great company. I recommend it to everyone I talk to about choral music."

"Hey I am impressed."

"An efficient and reliable service!"

"Thanks for all the updates! We just gave two very successful performances of several of your editions (di Lasso, Jacob Handl, Willaert, etc.). Keep up the good work!"

"Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year. Thank you for providing such a great resource. Keep up the good work."

"Thanks for the great site! I will recommend this to all my colleagues."

"Thank you for supplying scores I recently ordered through Handlo. I am impressed by the efficiency and quality of the service, and very appreciative."

"Keep up the great work!"

"I should like to say that I'm very impressed with the effort being put into your listings. I have been able to use only one item as yet, but keep hoping our director will want something else that you produce. Thank you for such a wonderful idea."

"I'm a frequent visitor and customer. Keep up the good work."

"I am thrilled to have found you!"

"Thank you for your wonderful service to choral music (which sounds like hyperbole, but really isn't!)."

"Excellent service. Keep up the good work!"

"Found through the choirs.org.uk site. May be the best thing since sliced bread."

"Great selection. I am very happy to find Byrd's "Mass for 5 Voices". This is a great service and a fantastic bargain."

"Thank you. The order came through perfectly. This is an ideal e-business: You have no shipping costs; the product is high quality; the material is practically limitless."

"Love the site and intend to make much more use of it. Thank you for this wonderful service."

"Cool site."

"I have never seen such quick service in all my life. Thank you."

"Look forward to doing more business with you in the future as we are somewhat crippled by the price of music, and we buy a lot of it."

"I am so happy about getting this music. I have searched for Josquin's "Qui habitat" for a long time. Thank you for publishing this extraordinary music!"

"I've been singing the praises of Handlo Music to local colleagues, and I have no doubt that you'll be hearing from other Cape Cod musicians as time goes on."

"For a vocal ensemble specialising in Early Music your site is required reading!"

"Thanks again for this great service.""Thanks. I just printed my copy of Panis. It looks great. You have a very useful website. I am sure I will be back. I'll also be sure to spread the word around Staten Island."

"You perform a most useful and valuable service; the price is surely "right," and those of us who struggle to put together choral programs are in your debt for all the effort you have put into creating such a comprehensive library of works. Divided by the numbers in my choir, the costs are truly minimal. Thank you for your work; we wish you every success in future. My order came through in fine style, and has been printed out smoothly. All the best to you and your enterprise."