Useful Web Sites

The following allied Web sites may be useful to readers. Those marked * sell on-line sheet music. Those marked ** make music freely available. If anybody has any more suggestions, please let me know .

Audio recording and other services in the UK http://www.sandpipermusic.co.uk
Aspen Grove Music Publishers: www.aspengrove.bigstep.com
BachFest 2000 Programme in Bath http://www.chantry-singers.org.uk
British Choirs: http://www.choirs.org.uk
Camerata ad Libitum*: http://www.lander.es/~juliod/scores.html
Choral Public Domain Library**: http://www.cpdl.org
ChoralWeb Publishing*: http://www.choralweb.com
Church Music(Anglican): http://www.churchmusic.org.uk/
Classical Music Web Ring http://www.classicalmusic.co.uk
DemiQ Music* http://www.demiq.com/
Downloadable scores** http://www.festival-singers.org.nz/
European ChoralTalk http://www.choralnet.org/ectalk
Gladde Music Publications http://www.gladdemusic.com
H & C Music* http://bandcmusic.com
International Center for Choral Music http://www.choralnet.org/
International Database of Choral Repertoire http://www.musicanet.org/
On-line choral music http://www.festival-singers.org.nz/download.htm
Oxford-based site for musical directors http://www.gerontius.net/
Poster of Composers http://www.carissimi.com
San Francisco Bay Area Choral Archive http://www.choralarchive.org
Sing for Pleasure http://www.sfp.cix.co.uk/
Courses around Europe for amateur choral singers http://www.lacock.org/
Courses around Europe for amateur choral singers http://www.josquin.com/michael.procter/
Spanish choral music http://www.teleline.es/personal/camerata/music.htm
Society of St Gregory http://www.ssg-online.demon.co.uk/index.html
Web Music Ring http://www.webmusic.se/ring/